Anyone who owns a vehicle long enough suffers the dilemma of having a flat tire. Changing a tire is not difficult and is accomplished using the right tools. The first step involves finding a safe place to park on solid ground away from traffic.

Turn off the engine and retrieve the jack, tire wrench and spare tire from the trunk. Keep the vehicle from rolling by placing large rocks behind the tires on the opposite side. Loosen the lug nuts on the affected wheel using the wrench. Position the jack according to the manufacture's recommendations. Lift the vehicle and remove the lug nuts and the wheel. Place the nuts somewhere to prevent loss.

Put the spare tire on and replace the lug nuts. Lower the jack and tighten the nuts using the wrench. Put the flat tire and tools in the trunk. When having wheel or tire problems, consult with one of our Wooster, OH Mazda of Wooster technicians for a quick fix.

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