Vehicle steering unfortunately does not always function as the driver intends. Where out of control steering is concerned, the most common issues are understeer and oversteer. At Mazda of Wooster, we understand that local motorists throughout Wooster, OH will be safer on the road with increased driving knowledge, such as the difference between understeer and oversteer.

Oversteer, which is a problem faced primarily by the owners of rear-wheel-drive vehicles, is the occurrence of a higher amount of steering than a motorist wanted. One common instance of oversteer happens when a driver attempts to correct their vehicle after they have drifted outside of the appropriate lane.

In contrast, the owners of front-wheel-drive vehicles will most often experience understeer. When this issue occurs, there will be a lower degree of steering than the motorist actually commanded at their steering wheel. Distinguishing between understeer and oversteer is the first step in combating them.

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