Many drivers today do not think much about their car's braking system. In many cases, they just push the pedal and assume their car will stop. Since drivers use their brakes so frequently while they are driving, it is important to understand some of the basics.

Since brakes wear down slowly, many drivers do not know the signs of brake trouble. Signs of problems with your brakes include pulling to one side when pushing the brake pedal, a pulsation sensation while braking, a "spongy" feeling when pushing the pedal or a vibration when you push the brake pedal. Noises coming from your braking system, such as squealing or screeching, are typically a signal that your brake pads need replacing.

Help keep your car's brakes working properly by scheduling an appointment with one of our service professionals at Mazda of Wooster. If you think your car is experiencing any of the signs listed above, come see us in Wooster, OH right away.

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